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Gypsum Board

Gypsum Boards (Panel) are produced in three types of Regular, Moisture Resistant, and Fire Resistant

Regular Gypsum Boards

 This product is mainly used as divider, covering wall, and dropped ceilings. The main cores of the boards are made of stucco and are covered by light gray paper as per the standards.

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

This product contains a stucco core which is combined with resins and raw material that are designed to increase the resistance against dampness and moisture. These baords are recommended for use in wet environment such as sanitary services and shower rooms, and further for the geographical area with humidity weather.  This product is supplied with green paper coverage.

Fire Resistance Gypsum Boards

In production of Fire Resistant boards, all types of resins, in addition to a specific type of fibers are used  to makes the board highly resistance against the fire, compared to other type of boards. They prevent of immediate fire development to other parts of building and adjacent areas if firing occurs.

For this product the red coverage paper is used in accordance to Iran Standards 14818 and Europe EN Standard 520.