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Inspection Vent

Inspection vents would be installed in parts of a building that may need an inspected on emergency basis/ interval repair, thus an immediate and convenient accessibility is vital. Mechanical and electronics installations are the most with this need. The vents are equipped with a light weight aluminum frame that has a waterproof stucco panel inside.

In installation sections,  it is very prompt and feasible to access to sewage risers, stop valves, equipment installed for fan coils or fan coil ducts, etc.

The feature of Persian Gypsum Panel’s inspection vent:

-Hidden appearance  in ceiling and wall

  • Possibility to install tile, wall paper and other covers on the inspection vent

-Possibility to coordinate the color of vent installation compared to the area  around the vent installation

-Immediate installation

-Equipped with protection wire to prevent the vent’s cap falling down

The vent’s dimensions are as follows:

200 mm*200 mm





600mm*1200 mm