Screw and Screw Fittings 2020-10-19T14:20:47+03:30

TN Screw for Gypsums board connection to structure

The screw tip is sharp and is used to install drywall on the structure. The maximum thickness of the structure for using this screw is 0.7 millimeter.


TB Screw for gypsums board connection to structure

Screw tips are the form of drill bit that can connect gypsum boards to the structures that their thickness do not exceed 2.25 millimeter and is not below 0.7 millimeter. The length of thes screws are between 25 to 70 millimeter.

LN Screw connector of structure to structure

This type of screws are used for connection of metal structures with maximum thickness of 0.7 millimeter.

LB Screw connector for structure to structure

This type of screws is used to connect the metal structures with the thickness between 0.7 to 2.25 millimeter. These screws are available in the length of 9 and 9.5 millimeter.


FN Screws to connect the structure to drywall

This screw comes with a flat cap and is used in connecting top runner of PGP wall to dropped ceilings. The structures with the thickness of 0.7 millimeter are suitable for use.