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Azin Sabok Sazan Mianeh manufactures profiles under  the trading mark of Persian Galvanized Profile (PGP), which are produced from steel  sheets that are formed and produced by way of cold rolling system.

C Stud

These studs are part of steel vertical frame structures and are used in installation of Gypsum boards. They are installed in the distance of 30, 40 and 60 c.m. from each other.


The studs are used for foundation of drywalls. They come in C shape form and the sizes vary between 50, 70, 75 and 100 millimeter.

U Stud

These structures are part of horizontal frame structures of Gypsum boards and they connect to floor and ceilings. They come in U shape form and are producible in 50, 70 and 100 millimeter.


Corner Bead

This structure protects the corners and angles which are exposed to stroke. Installing operator is able to even out and set square edges by using this stud.


F47 Stud

This structure is part of the foundation for dropped ceiling. It comes in C shape form and operates as runner.



This profile functions as wall connector and is used between common part of wall and ceiling.  L25 is further used to determine the ceiling’s leveling and further used as runner and ceiling edges’ supporter.  L25 is also used in architecturally fractured ceilings.

U36  Waterspout

This profile is used underneath the integrated ceilings which are made by drywall.

Matter of use of this structure:

– To level the ceiling

– To Support ceiling’s edges and foundation in architecturally ceiling’s fraction

– To operate as hanger for entire of ceilings foundation

The standard length of this water spout is 4.00 meter.